The Bubble

Two worlds, two different spaces

Rodrigo Gonzalez/Unsplash


Home, the most sacred of spaces, was a multigenerational construct, where three generations lived under one roof, often spending from one purse.


The east coast culturally resembles Europe, whereas California is another planet. From beaches to mountains to deserts and vibrant cities, I found mass individualism within a multitude of cultures. I found enough space to drive for hours in the same county. Space filled with crowds and with miles of silence.

Two Worlds

I feel comfortable in the security of two cultures, able to step across cultural divides and back. One world taught me how to coexist in chaos. One offered the choice to stand on my own.



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Silvia Villalobos

Silvia Villalobos is a native of Romania who lives immersed in the laid-back vibe of Southern California. She writes mystery novels and short stories.